How to Find TD Bank Routing Number

TD Bank routing number

A routing number is a nine-digit combination that helps one to identify the location of your bank or where you opened your account. It is also referred as a routing transit number or RTN.

TD Bank

Why is it important and why do you need to know such information? 

This routing number is necessary for some transactions involving your bank account. For instance, if you want to request a new checkbook, they will ask for such a number before they issue it to you. Further, in cases of wire transfer, the bank representative also asks for this information. 

That being said, here’s how you can find your TD Bank routing number.

How to Locate TD Bank Routing Number

The easiest way to ascertain your routing number is by looking at your checkbook. This is usually located on the bottom left corner of your check; for some, they placed it on the middle portion. It is beside the account number which is an 8-digit combination. 

Routing Number
Find the routing number on the lower-left corner of the check

If you don’t have any ways to get your checkbook, you may also use your online bank account to know your RTN. This is easier if you have access to the internet and you’re not at home. Just a reminder that you’ll need to be enrolled in their online banking service. 

In order to know your routing number through online banking, simply login to your account. Under your profile’s summary, you will find your RTN. You can just copy your routing number or note it on your phone. 

In case you have no internet connection and you don’t have your checkbook with you, you may visit their bank or call their local customer support. They will just ask for some information and once you have all the required details, they will give you your number. This method is the safest and effortless way to know your 9-digit combination.


And these are the ways on how you can find your routing number. If you have questions or clarifications, simply drop your queries at the comment box below. We’ll provide you with the answers the soonest time possible.

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